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Juvenile DUI Offenders and Underage Drinking

Course Number: AL-235
Course Length: 1 Day (8 Hours)

This course is designed to address the issues of underage consumption of alcohol and DUI operation of motor vehicles by juveniles. Recommended procedures are given for each step necessary to investigate, arrest and prosecute suspects of these two different offenses and how to investigate and charge those who furnish the underage drinker. Applicants for this course must be law enforcement officers.

The course curriculum includes the following:

a. Identifying False ID's
b. UAD Enforcement Techniques
c. PA Liquor Code
d. UAD Related Search Warrants
e. Conducting Field Tests and Chemical Test
f.  Processing the Juvenile Offender
g. Custody Issues
h. DUI Juvenile Petitions
i.  Review of Applicable Case Law

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