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New in Alcohol

Course Number: AL-257
Course Length: 1 Day (7.5 Hours)

Professionals who work in the area of alcohol abuse and enforcement of alcohol-related crimes may easily fall into the trap of inertia, believing that since alcohol has been consumed for centuries, nothing has changed. Few challenges to law enforcement, probation and parole officers, medical practitioners, alcohol/drug treatment professionals and counseling professionals are as difficult to subdue as remaining current on the changing trends, methods of abuse, and drug-alcohol combinations associated with alcohol. Due to the popularity of the Internet and social media, the discovery of a "new high", a new method to escape discovery of misuse, or a new method of use is disseminated throughout the world almost instantaneously.

This workshop focuses on the new and the different as encountered throughout the world, the nation, and particularly the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Topics include new methods of alcohol abuse, caffeine issues, the advent of energy and "relaxation drinks", new uses of alcohol to get high on other drugs, and new levels of alcohol concentration in alcoholic beverages. By better understanding the new forms and uses of beverage alcohol and the myths associated with the drug known as alcohol, participants gain an appreciation for the complex nature of alcohol’s effects and learn how to better deal with their part of the interaction with the suspect/client.

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