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April 27 to 29, 2010

The Institute for Law Enforcement Education, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania DUI Association, is holding a three-day conference at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort and Conference Center, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Five workshops will be offered during each session, with areas of focus on Highway Safety, Alcohol and Narcotics Intervention, Case Law and Courtroom Testimony, Collision Reconstruction, Forensics, Criminal Investigation, and Tactical - Officer Safety Issues.

The list of workshop presenters is currently incomplete, but the following are scheduled to date*:
Rod Englert, Forensic Consultant: “Reevaluation of Bloodstain Evidence” (Case Studies)
Detective Greg Ferency, Terre Haute Police Department: “Tactical Issues in Drug Traffic Stops”
Assistant Chief Al Ortenzo, Ret, Ft. Lauderdale Police Department: “Innovations in Illegal Drugs” and “Prescription Drug Abuse”
Michael F. Ryan, Baltimore City Civilian Review Board: “Assessment of Written Statements – Case Studies”
Michael Vick, Chairman, Sobriety Trained Officers Representing Mississippi (STORM): “Aggressive Driving – Causes and Countermeasures”
Levi Montgomery, Chief Instructor, BASETAC Training Center: “Close-In Open Hand Self-Defense” and “Edged Weapons Defense”
Lt. Robert Black, Director of Physical Tactics and Physical Education, Indiana Police Academy: “Handcuffing Dangerous Persons for Transport” and "Threat Control Matrix"
Dennis Kwiatkewski, Cambria County Coroner: “Death Scene Investigation”
Max Little Esq, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor, PA District Attorney’s Association: DUI Prosecutions
ILEE Staff : “Motorcycle Collision Investigations – Field Project”
Gene Stull, General Manager, STAC Associates: “Teen Driver Impairment” and “Interviewing Witnesses and Victims – Traffic and Crime”
Tom Piatek, ILEE: “Innovations in Juvenile Justice”
Frank Baranyai, ILEE: “Traffic Enforcement Case Law”
Dr. Richard Collins, Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Consultant: "Biomechanical Analysis: Vehicular Head and Spine Injuries"
Roy Sutphen and Dan Ferrick, PSP Retired: "Commercial Vehicle Air Brakes Field Project"
David Scott-Donelan, Director, Tactical Tracking Operations School: "Man-Tracking I & II"

* Awaiting confirmation of five additional Vehicle Reconstruction experts.

** Conference registration fee is $235 for Federal and PA law enforcement officers and PA state government employees. The fee is $285 for private sector and out-of-state law enforcement officers. A $25 late fee is added if the application form is received after March 29, 2010.

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