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Sharpen Your Edge - Perception of Danger

Course Number: PA-618
Course Length: 1 Day (7.5 Hours)

This workshop approaches safety in a very unique way – improving the ability of an individual’s perception of dangerous situations by becoming aware of the sensation/perception process used daily by all humans, and utilizing a variety of tactics to improve the sensation, recognition and appropriate response of environmental cues. Participants assess their individual abilities to properly respond to information detected in various situations and use that information to improve both safety and performance. Topics include sensation versus perception, improving emergency warning device use, improving hearing and sight in various environments, use of smell in criminal and drug patrol, touch sensation and physical searches, improvement of perception from ambiguous sources of information, and compliance with orders made by authority figures. Participants will discuss why sirens become ineffective with time and distance, how to improve the location of a hidden person via sound, why most pat-down frisks and body searches miss dangerous objects, how to improve dim light vision, the effect of light brightness on color determination, why we see what we expect to see, why witnesses “fill in” details at an accident scene that they never witnessed, how an officer can improve his/her chances of citizen compliance to commands, how stress and lack of sleep changes perception, and how to detect motion and assess distance more accurately. This workshop is extremely valuable to all persons who face dangerous situations involving other persons and/or moving objects such as motor vehicles, but especially the first responder. Through discussion, demonstrations, practical exercises and videos, participants become more aware of their human limitations and how to maximize the perceptual equipment they do have.

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