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Tactical Communications

Course Number: PA-619
Course Length: 1 Day (7.5 Hours)

Law enforcement officers, treatment specialists, and many other professionals’ normal assignments demand constant interpersonal contact with a wide variety of citizens and a great deal of communications between themselves and the public. These contacts are both positive and negative in nature. Most hostile action begins with verbal, not physical confrontation. What is said and done during this critical time period often determines whether the situation will evolve into physical violence, civil liability, or positive resolution. By learning to read and properly display basic body language, understand the dynamics of human conflict, and employ various psychological techniques of human behavior management, conflicts can often be diffused and deescalated.

This workshop discusses a variety of verbal skills, non-verbal behaviors and effective intervention alternatives required in today’s society to prevent and/or defuse various conflict situations inherent to the public official, treatment specialist and law enforcement functions, especially during interviews. Discussion centers on alternatives that are both safety oriented and reasonable abilities of the individual professional, while fulfilling the departmental mission within legal and ethical boundaries. A variety of techniques are presented which are designed to acquire valuable information from individuals, as well as lessen the threats posed by angry, upset, uncooperative and/or hostile citizens.

Specific topics include elements of effective oral communications, verbal and non-verbal communications skills, management of verbal abuse, conflict management, handling anger in self and others, and prevention of citizen complaints through professional service. Techniques discussed have been found to be effective in promoting personal safety, reducing citizen complaints and keeping the professional out of civil court.

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