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ILEE will be presenting a series of DUI Training Conferences in coordination with the PA DUI Association and PENNDOT.

There is no registration fee. The conferences are open to law enforcement personnel, probation officers, CRN Evaluators, DUI and UAD Instructors and other interested individuals.

The conferences begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m. Registration is based on a first come, first served basis.

Topics this year are Malignant Communications and Drug Paraphernalia .

Dates Locations
November 3, 2017 Bucks County Police Training Center
Doylestown, PA

Malignant Communications - 8:30 am to 11:30 am - Course Number CR-547

Words matter, and when they originate from an authority figure they matter even more. "Malignant" means disposed to cause harm, suffering, or distress; showing ill will; dangerous or harmful in influence or effect; likely to spread or get worse; and characterized by uncontrolled growth. "Communications" are the exchanges of thoughts and information from one person to another through verbal and non-verbal means.

The communications between a private citizen and a member of law enforcement, the medical community, a first responder, a counselor, an instructor, or any other person tasked to deal with the public are under greater observation and criticism than ever. Orders, directives, requests, questions, and even answers given without consideration for their effect often lead to serious problems such as officer and citizen safety situations, prolonged confrontations, formal complaints, poor public relations, and impediments in completing assigned tasks. Words have effects, and toxic words and gestures can metastasize from oral arguments to physical confrontations.

This workshop discusses common expressions and mannerisms that may seem innocuous, but often are received with anger and resentment. It will also look at the delivery of oral messages that can be more damaging than the words themselves. The intent is to provide an objective analysis of human communications between a public servant and a private citizen and to utilize less damaging words and mannerisms so that the organization’s objectives can be met in as non-confrontational manner as possible.

Drug Paraphernalia- 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm - Course Number CR-548

Police officers, probation officers, drug treatment specialists, and many other professionals in the fields of law enforcement and/or drug-related occupations encounter an ever-growing number of drug abusers during routine enforcement and supervisory activities. With the increase in the number of types and methods of use of various drugs, the Internet has become a major source for the sale and instruction in the use of a variety of drug devices and their concealment.

This workshop presents a discussion of many of these devices, packaging techniques and other drug-related paraphernalia that are commonplace to those who frequent the "social media", or who pick up ideas from other users. With the increase in prescription medicine abuse and the use of "medical marijuana", the methods of using drugs has changed; and the devices - home-made or professionally made - have also changed.

Topics include paraphernalia involved with the new forms of cannabis and other drugs, throw-away devices, paraphernalia available for sale on-line, drug hides, and procedures for hiding drugs in plain view.

PRESENTER: Gene Stull, General Manager, STAC Associates

Mr. Stull is a graduate of Gettysburg College where he received a B.A in Psychology. After serving in the United States Marine Corps he took graduate courses at the Pennsylvania State University in Counselor Education. He worked as an Employee Relations Specialist for a major corporation before becoming a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As a Special Agent, he was stationed in Omaha, Nebraska; Dubuque, Iowa; San Francisco, California; and Oakland California. He was assigned general criminal and domestic security cases, and spent approximately one year on the Militant Extremist Intelligence Squad in Oakland.

Mr. Stull served as the Assistant Director for the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Academy while earning a M.S. degree in Organizational Communications from Shippensburg University. He has been a police instructor for 38 years, and a police officer for 30 years, serving as Patrolman, Sergeant and Chief of Police in an Adams County department, a part-time Patrolman in a township department in Franklin County, and a part-time Patrolman for Penn State University in Mont Alto, Pennsylvania. Mr. Stull retired from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the Director of the Institute for Law Enforcement Education (ILEE) in 2007, after serving a total of 33 years with the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Academy, the Traffic Institute for Police Services and the Institute for Law Enforcement Education.

Mr. Stull is currently the General Manager of STAC Associates (Strategic Training and Consulting), specializing in client-centered training and security analysis in the fields of highway safety, security risk analysis, interviewing, report writing, interpersonal communications, psychological and physical effects of alcohol and other drugs, handling anger in impaired suspects, and the application of psychology to the law enforcement function. He is a certified instructor in SFST, several field drug test kits, and a variety of chemical breath test instruments. He is a Master Instructor of various alcohol and drug-related classes, and was an Instructor for Penn State University in Security Risk Analysis. Mr. Stull has developed, and instructs, several advanced training workshops in the areas of security risk analysis, alcohol and controlled substance abuse, interviewing and interrogation, report writing, aggressive driving, officer safety and tactical communications.


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